giovedì 30 maggio 2013

Who I am

My name is Ilaria Gelichi, I am (almost) 30 years old and I was born and grew up in Florence. In my beautiful city I completed my studies – first the high school, then the University – and the leading thread it was always the same: foreign languages. I really enjoy studying them and I learn them easily, so choosing this path was quite simple. I have always loved the countries of Northern Europe and during my studies I decided to learn Finnish: I had a wonderful experience in Finland, where I attended a summer course of Finnish language and culture.
There are many things I love doing… First of all, since I was a child I practiced gymnastics and I dreamed about becoming a teacher. This dream came true many years ago, when I started teaching in a gym to girls between 5 and 13 years old. I absolutely love travelling: when I go abroad, I want to taste traditional dishes and try to speak the local language (and if I can’t speak the local language, I buy a phrasebook and try to use it!). One of the places I love to visit the most are the mountains, especially the Dolomites, where I go (when possible…) for trekking in summer and skiing in winter. You may think I am a sports person, but this is not completely true: like most women, I love shopping and fashion and in these last years I have been playing the role of a Florentine noblewoman of the Renaissance. I am part of a group of  historical re-enactments and with them I take part to parades and practice Renaissance dance, not only in Tuscany but also in the rest of Italy and abroad. That’s not all: another one of my passions is cooking and I really enjoy organize dinners with friends to try new recipes – especially desserts, but not only.
I currently collaborate with Istituto Europeo in Florence, where I help in the secretariat and in the orientation of foreign students. I am really glad I had this opportunity, because I enjoy working with foreigners and I think it is also a great responsibility:  trying to transmit them the love for Italy, its history, culture and language.