venerdì 13 giugno 2014

A new lighting for Ponte Vecchio, starting on June 16

by Ilaria Gelichi

A special event in Florence on Monday, June 16: with “Ponte Vecchio, Luci ed Emozioni” start the celebrations for the 60th year of the Centre of Florence for Italian fashion. In this occasion will be presented the new lighting of Ponte Vecchio, a gift by the stylist and entrepreneur Stefano Ricci to his city. The new installation costed 400.000 euros and counts more than 100 LEDs for both the interior and the exterior of the famous bridge. According to the data acquired, with the new lighting the city will save between 12 and 15 thousands of euros, almost 80%.

Maestro Andrea Bocelli will turn on the lights and give his artistic contribute to the event. The lighting will be accompanied by an aquatic show by the French company Iliotope, that will occupy 500 metres on the river Arno from the Canottieri club to Santa Trinita bridge. The show will start at 10 pm and will give viewers 45 minutes made of magic and fireworks. At the end, the voice of Andrea Bocelli will give the final touch to the event.

How to get around: traffic limitations will be the same used for San Giovanni’s fireworks. The Lungarni between Ponte Vecchio and Ponte Santa Trinita will be closed to traffic, but there will be no limitations for pedestrians, who will be able to walk on both bridges.