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Istituto Europeo Internship of Excellence: culinary

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit “

In the culinary arts you can reach excellence by repeatedly doing because doing is a perfect way to gain excellence.
Internships are a good opportunity to start this doing: our program helps you develop your culinary experience by learning the doing from more experienced professionals.
Thus we offer you work in a real restaurant, usually 6 days per week, 6 hours per day.
We select the best restaurants in Florence.

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Istituto Europeo internships: Our Program Your Questions

Our Program Your Questions

To learn more about an internship in Florence and how Istituto Europeo supports this program, check out Your Questions and Our Responses

Who can do an internship?

Every one who is attending a university and is less than 30 year old

Is Italian mandatory?

In Italy the official language is Italian and technically Italian is mandatory. There are some placements though where the knowledge of English is sufficient

After interning how many chances do I have to be hired by the company I worked with?

Not many but this said some companies hired some talented and serious interns during the past years

How can we trust Istituto Europeo about the quality of its placements?

Just from a single word: passion.
Through our passion is bred our reliability. Every time we place an intern in a Florentine company we try to find the perfect match between the company, its features, structures, environment and the intern’s internship goal. This is a constant and never ending search for the best worksites that leads us to a high quality of our placements.

For how long I can undertake an internship?
8,12,16, 20, 24 weeks

Can I take two different internship at the same time?
No, it is forbidden by Italian law

Are internships paid?

No, in Italy internships are unpaid by law

Since in Italy internships are unpaid can I work at night so that I can pay my internship?

We don’t suggest this.
One reason is that now in Italy it is extremely difficult to find a job, especially for foreigners (visa, permit to stay, complicated law regarding immigration…).
Another reason is that we don’t suggest working at the same time you do internship because you risks becoming fatigued and arriving tired and unfocused at the internship work site.
The internship even if it is an unpaid work , is still a real job and should be taken seriously

Why, in comparison with other providers, are your internship costs so cheap?
Because during the year we have a good number of interns that permits us to keep our prices low

Why do companies take interns?

Of course because they work for free, but this is not the main reason or at least not the most important reason.
The most important reason is that companies love having someone who is bringing new ideas, freshness , and different way of reasoning to work with

Is it possible to do an internship of two or three weeks?

The minimum required for an internship is an 8 week internship
A 2/3 week internship is without value, it is not a real experience and we don’t suggest it.
Besides no serious company is taking an intern for three weeks . To teach an intern the work he/she has to do it takes around two weeks. It is therefore easy to understand why a company is not interested in taking an intern for less than 8 weeks.

What type of document and/or paperwork do I need to intern in Italy?

It is quite complex to respond to such a question.
There are countries that don’t need the visa until 90 days ( and other countries that need it ( Since the matter is quite complicated and changes from country to country and requirements are often different from consulate to consulate
For this reason it is important that interns contact the nearest Italian Consulate or Embassy in their country for information regarding the necessary documents and procedures

Will you provide housing, or do I have to find it on my own?

Istituto Europeo does not own any apartments or housing facilities, but acts purely as an intermediary between the apartment owners and the students. Students are not required to use Istituto Europeo's housing assistance in order to attend the courses.

Will I know the tasks of my internship before I start?
This is an interesting question. Italian companies are not prone to give much information about the tasks.
The Italian mentality is: let me see the person and I’ll tell you what he can do.
We always try to get all the possible information about the interns’s duties and tasks but often we hit this wall: the reluctance of Italian companies to give information. You will fully understand the tasks of your internship once you arrive at the company

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Dreaming of Florence: Istituto Europeo an outstanding school in Florence

Foto via Devon Elizabeth Barnes

Istituto Europeo (IE) programs of excellence is an outstanding school and services company in Florence, providing courses and consulting services through a strategy of flexibility, innovation, quality and reliability.
We develop and implement our educational vision to improve and challenge IE clients’ objectives and goals .

Our leading products:

"Goals are closer than you think"

Laura Tressel Journalism:
Natalie Frank: Natalie Frank physiotherapy:
Hanna Emelie Jonasson Fashion Design:
Delaney San Martino Fashion Merchandising:
Julie Greder Brand marketing:
Lumeng Jin Chemical Lab:
Goki Fujiya pharmacovigilance:
Rachael Perez social work:

Un diverso linguaggio è una diversa visione della vita - Federico Fellini
(A different language, is a different vision of life)

Sylvia Plyler:
Silvia Torres:
Ana Peinado:
Christoph Warnkross:
Chrisni Mendis:
Olivia Broderick:

Bisogna valorizzare l'equilibrio dei contrasti, in cucina e nella vita
(We need to enhance the balance of contrasts in the kitchen, as well as in life) - Davide Oldani Italian chef

Our course aims at creating a new profession, the"BioChef." The Bio Chef is a figure who can transform the traditional chef tasks into a newchef profile, fundamentally and essentially focused on a healthy eating culture.

The BioChef must know the typical, traditional and seasonal products of the territory in which he operates. Above all, he has to be able to plan and execute menus distinguished by creativity and healthy cooking that offer clients ethical, health, and environmentally friendly recipes.

The BioChef must therefore develop a perfect knowledge for how to choose quality products and match them, enhancing their organoleptic characteristics. His knowledge and skills will thus enable him to develop innovative solutions based on healthy and delicious dishes.

The BioChef must finally combine quality and sustainability, taste and health, safety and traceability, technology and tradition.


ISTITUTO EUROPEO Music Department a method of Excellence
Music, when it hits you you feel no pain (Bob Marley)

Today our Music Department, led by Director Monica Benvenuti, has become a win-win situation. We created a product of success for your success. Every time you leave the classroom after your tailor-made lesson, you can feel and measure the results and benefits you receive from this one-on-one attention.
ISTITUTO EUROPEO Music Department’s brand has now become synonymous with quality. When you buy our lessons, you buy quality. The ISTITUTO EUROPEO Music Department provides students with a method of Excellence

Dina Shikhman:
Tiffany Tobias:
Vincent Law:

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