mercoledì 4 dicembre 2013


Interior Design Internship

- Assist the interior designers as required to produce   quality technical drawings 
- Support new and existing client development
- Support new work for existing clients.
- Assist in the preparation and coordination of    
  documents for client presentations and project 
- Support the strategic design process. Meet the interior design goals for the project using the strategic       
  design process.
- Participate in project meetings, pin-ups and brainstorming sessions.
- Assist the Interior Designer with the design aspects of the project work, including programming, 
  conceptual and pre-design, schematic design and design development, construction documents for finishes 
  and furniture drawings.
- Support the development of solutions to interior design problems.
  ....and much more….


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  1. Services provided include programming, design development, construction drawings, permits, bidding and negotiation, project management for individuals as well as for real estate developers. Interior Designer