martedì 7 dicembre 2010

Entrepreneurial Excellence in Italy and Italian Life & Culture at ISTITUTO EUROPEO

Brunello Cucinelli, known for his finest vision of an ethical business practice

Everyone tells me that there are two Italies, the north and the south, and that they are totally different. Everyone also tells me that the thing to understand about Italy is that it is like a bird or insect that shouldn’t be able to fly, but does, somehow flouting all the rules of economics and politics. But when everyone tells me the same thing, I start to feel suspicious. Is this really true, I ask myself? And, for my new book, titled FORZA, ITALIA, I went on a journey around the country to find out.[1]

According to Bill Emmott’s words, ISTITUTO EUROPEO is offering you the decisive journey that Bill Emmott undertook to finally discover the new Italian Economy, the BUONA ITALIA, as Bill defines it, the Italy that no one would expect but will be surprised with.
Have you ever heard of Luxottica (, Autogrill (, Geox (, Cucinelli ( Terra Vision, Planeta (…the most innovative and creative companies that are now conquering the international market?
For this reason ISTITUTO EUROPEO, developed a 3 week program “Entrepreneurial Excellence in Italy and Italian Life & Culture” (in-class-lectures + visits to companies of excellence) which will enable you to get an analytical overview of the BUONA ITALIA, the new Italian Economy: economy of excellence.

If you are interested in receiving our program please contact us:

I S T I T U T O  E U R O P E O
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[1] Bill Emmott, author (and former director of The Economist)  of FORZA, ITALIA, Rizzoli Editore

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