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STUDY ABROAD Nicholas Signoriello specials in Florence "LIBERATION DAY IN FLORENCE"


STUDY ABROAD Nicholas Signoriello specials in Florence "LIBERATION DAY IN FLORENCE"

            For many Italians, April 25 marks one of Italy’s most important celebrations, Liberation Day. This is a day that commemorates the Partisans who freed Italy in World War II. This day is particularly moving because it represents the day Italy was liberated  
             from Nazi occupation and fascist armies.
            The Partisans were the Italians who fought alongside the Allied forces against the Nazi and Fascist occupation in Italy. In most cases, they were normally the first brigades to enter into battle ahead of the Allied Forces to symbolically show they were freeing their own country. What makes this day a particularly special one is it also marks the day Italians showed the world that not everyone was a Fascist supporter and that there was strong resistance to Mussolini’s regime. It also proved several tens of thousands of Italians were willing to fight for their freedom from Fascist rule and they did so paying a large price. Nearly 45,000 Partisans were killed by Nazi and Fascist forces.
            Logically, the Partisans who were willing to give their lives against the Fascist regime were in most cases, Communists. Therefore, although this day is celebrated throughout the entire peninsula, it is particularly special to the regions with left leaning sentiments, for example, here in Tuscany. If you were to go into the Tuscan country on this day, you would hear many people singing a famous Italian Folk song that commemorates the Partisans who fought for their freedom. The song is called, “Bella Ciao,” and it is a very emotional song to many Italians and ignites a sentimental feeling comparable to the way Americans feel when they listen to the song, “God Bless America,” although the contexts of the two are completely different.
            On Liberation Day, there are events, festivals, and sometimes even concerts across Italy from even the smallest town to the biggest city. It is a national holiday and many places will be closed throughout the country, although Florence is specifically touristy enough that most places will stay open even though there are no guarantees. Just by coincidence this year, Liberation Day happens to fall on the same day as Easter Monday, therefore, it will be a double celebration. Easter Monday is a day when many Italians travel out to the countryside for the day, so in my opinion, the countryside in Florence is going have many celebrations coming up on April 25. 

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