martedì 11 ottobre 2011

Matteo Renzi, Mayor of Florence, starts a new (creative) politics with his Big-Bang vision

Di Fabrizio Ulivieri

In his Big-Bang chart Matteo Renzi ( ) is trying to give birth to a new vision of politics.
A three-day meeting will be held at Stazione Leopolda of Florence and important names of PD’s nouvelle vogue will be camping there to discuss the Renzi chart and estabilish a new direction forItalian politics.
A chart inspired by title of a Jovanotti song (ll più grande spettacolo dopo il big bang is giving  fresh air to a choking world and calls for citizens (pro-sumers) dissatisfied with the traditional way of makingpolitics to jumpstart a New Beginning for this country.
In this chart Renzi insists on the need of a rottamazione concept: to put aside the senescent Italian politicians and give the green light to young and rampant newcomers who aim to change this country’s structures betting on merit, innovation and quality.
It’s a step forward. An attempt to find a way out from the suffocating world of dinosauric mentality that pervades and entangles Italian institutions and irremovable politicians.

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