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Delaney San Martino- Internship in Fashion

My name is Delaney, I just turned 22 years old, and I graduated from the University of Rhode Island in May. I'm really interested in going into Fashion Business, which is why I did an internship here. I studied Business Administration at school, but I took some classes on fashion to get some experience in the field.

Can you tell us a little about what you are doing at your internship?
I'm interning at a fashion group here in Florence, and I do a lot of computer work for them, such as using the program Excel. They are a consulting firm, so basically they give discounts on luxury goods to companies that they work with. They have a lot of clients in Canada and Asia, so I do a lot of bookkeeping based on client lists, damages to goods, shipments, and things like that.

Are you enjoying it, have you learned much?
Yes, I love it! I'm learning a lot about the brands they have here that are really famous and luxurious and that we don't see as much in America. It's really helping me broaden my understanding of fashion just by seeing a lot of the brands that they have here. I get to look at photos and look into brands which has helped with my brand awareness. I've also learned a lot of computer and Excel skills, and overall how the fashion industry works.

Why did you decide to come to Italy for an internship, and how did you choose Istituto Europeo?
I wanted to come here because I really wanted to travel. I was finishing up school, and had never gotten the chance to study abroad, so I wanted to make one last effort to live abroad. I decided to look into internships abroad. I really wanted to go to Italy because it's the fashion capital of the world, so I thought it was the best place to be. I'm also 75% Italian, so it's part of my heritage and I thought it would be exciting to be here. I found Istituto Europeo online during my search, and it was definitely the best option for getting an internship.

So this is your first time being abroad?
It's my first time living abroad, but I went to Europe when I was a Freshman in high school. But yes, this has been my first time in Italy and living anywhere abroad and it has definitely been amazing.

How was the experience?
I loved it. What I love about living abroad is that you get to experience the culture in a way that you don't if you just go visit another country. The Italian culture is very different and it was really nice to get to see it and to experience it as if you're part of it. That's really the difference between living here and just visiting.

What did you like most about Italy, and Florence in particular?
Well I visited a lot of parts of Italy, and if I had to pick, Florence was my favorite. I love it so much. What I like best about Italy is how relaxed everything is. In America everything is so rushed and serious, and here it seems much more relaxed and slow paced. It's really nice to be part of something that's just on the surface, just the way it is. I like Florence the best because it's small and very comforting in a way. It feels close knit. In Florence you can walk everywhere, you know people, it's really a comforting place. I like all the historical buildings and cobblestones too.

So do you recommend interning abroad to other students?
Yes! I definitely recommend the experience. I think Istituto Europeo did a great job of organizing everything and finding a place for me that was exactly what I wanted. I think it's really important that people experience different cultures and come live abroad. It's very valuable to yourself and to your future career, Hopefully in my job search in the future it will be an advantage not only having internship experience but also travel experience.

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