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Yuiko Sugino Graphic Designing internship

Yuiko Sugino

Graphic Designing internship at Consiglio Regionale di Toscana
Pianeta Galileo
Ottobre - Dicembre 2010

My name is Yuiko Sugino, and I am currently a student at the University of California, San Diego.
In the fall of 2010, I went to Firenze and worked with Consiglio Regionale di Toscana for about 3 months through a graphic designing internship.
During my stay, my task was to design a website for Pianeta Galileo (
Throughout the time, I attended a few conferences and worked with the technology sector of the council.
I developed the website design as I received information and guidelines from my supervisor and coworkers.
The website consisted of information and pictures related to Pianeta Galileo, utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

I had a marvelous time working with the people at the Consiglio, and I cherished every moment I spent there.
The only difficulty I had was the issue of a language barrier; I wish I had studied the Italian language beforehand so that I could have more in-depth conversations with the people.
Whenever I had technical difficulties, it took me some time to describe what kind of problems I had. It became really difficult at one point, since I had to communicate with other
interns about the website - but with little Italian that I knew

But of course, I’m sure if you are fluent, then
there’s no problem. Another conflict I encountered was the busy schedule that everyone had at the Consiglio. Because everyone had other
things to take care of, I found myself waiting for coworkers to send me the information necessary to construct and design the Pianeta Galileo website. However, I never felt alone at the Consiglio - the people there welcomed
me with open arms and took care of me
whenever I needed assistance.
The best part about the internship was my opportunity to meet and work with some of the nicest and most intelligent people in the world. Not only did I meet coworkers but also other students closer to my age who were also interning there.
I’ve enjoyed every moment I spent at the Consiglio; every person I have met was kind and respectful, and I hope that I could someday return to Italy to meet again. I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to work with
wonderful people.

I thank the Consiglio Regionale di
Toscana for everything that they have offered me, and I would recommend every individual out
there if there is an opportunity to work with them. 

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