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ISTITUTO EUROPEO; Study abroad; Multi-destination internship program, Fondazione Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte internship interview of Marguerite Fredericksen


 (Interview by Nick Palozzi)

Q:1 Can you describe how it is to intern in Italy?

A: Interning in Italy has been a great experience! I get to enjoy the usual tourist sites, as
well as interaction with Italians in their work environment.

Q:2 What are Your tasks and assignments at Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano ?

A:2 In America I am studying Opera Performance, so at the Cantiere they have assigned
me to work for the opera area. We put on two operas this summer, and I worked backstage
for both. It was really great to observe professional rehearsals with directors who have
done productions at La Scala in Milan, the best opera house in the world! I also got to
speak with all of the singers and learn how they were able to develop their professional
careers. I also played violin in a community chamber orchestra, which was an unexpected
treat! When I wasn’t in rehearsals I mostly did English translations for all of the concerts’

Q:3 Describe your use of language on the job, and how are you adapting to this challenge at
work and in day-to-day living?

A:3 I had to speak Italian in order to get by. This at times was frustrating, since I am only a beginning-level speaker, but my language skills have improved so much in the five weeks
I have worked here! And my colleagues were always curious to know how to say words in
English. We had a lot of fun times at meal times (all lunches and dinners were free, by the
way!) discussing our culture differences. In many ways we are so similar, but in others so
different! Especially in our eating traditions; They thought I was a pretty strange eater!

Q:4 What preconceived notions did you have about Italy before you came and were any of
them right?

A:4 Before I came to Italy, I thought it would be very similar to America. And if I were
only here for a week or two, I probably would have continued to think this. But my three-
month experience here has shown me the characteristics that are unique to Italy. I also
didn’t realize that each region in Italy is very different. Each part of Italy has been very
exciting and full of different adventures!

Q5: What will you miss the most when you return home?

A5: I’ve made some good friends here in Montepulciano that I will miss a lot. I will also
miss being able to just jump on a train and visit some ancient ruins or relaxing beaches!

And of course, Tuscany’s food and landscapes are some of the best in the world!

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