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ISTITUTO EUROPEO; Study abroad, multi-destination internship program, interview of Detlev Glanert Director of FONDAZIONE CANTIERE INTERNAZIONALE D’ARTE


A1: The FONDAZIONE was founded as a central organization for three culture activities, what in former times belonged to the responsibility of the Comune of Montepulciano: the Music School (founded in 1720), the Theatre (founded in 1792) and the Festival “Cantiere Internazionale D’Arte” (founded 1976 by Hans Werner Henze). The FONDAZIONE looks after all administration and organization things for these three institutions. The founders were the Comune of Montepulciano and the Provincia, Members who make up our organization are nearly all towns around and a number of independent institutions.


A2: I’m artistic director for the festival “Cantiere Internazionale D’Arte”, in this role I have to decide all artistic questions for the festival, sometimes in collaboration with the Music Director Roland Böer. In addition, I have to make all contacts between artists and administration; I see my role also as a dramaturge and controller, for all levels of the festival.

Q3: What type of events does the FONDAZIONE CANTIERE INTERNAZIONALE D'ARTE hold?

A3: Here the FONDAZIONE CANTIERE INTERNAZIONALE D'ARTE the first big summer festival “Cantiere” for what I’m responsible, with more then 50 performances including operas, theatre, concerts, chamber music, modern music. Second we have a large series of concerts, arranged by the Music School, in all sizes; then a winter series of theatre performances (every winter 6 or 7). In addition to that the Fondazione cares about different music events for the town, also the choir and the brass band belongs to that responsibility.

Q 4: What are you doing to prepare for this year’s Opera?

A 4: This year the musical director and myself have to decide the pieces (normally two operas for the summer, plus all other titles), then the director, costume designer and stage designer; I have to look for all other people requested for an opera production. I have to communicate and to arrange between the different departments, what includes very often also a control of the budget. I have to develop in collaboration the rehearsal and production schedule, to prepare the announcements and the catalogue, and all other things belonging to an opera production.

Q5: Why have you decided to accept interns? According to you what is the best contribution and intern has given your Company?

A5: We always had interns with us, but we would like to enlarge this collaboration. At the festival “Cantiere” no artist is paid, and the technical and administration crew is very small, so that we need every free hand for helping us. On the other hand we can offer to the interns an insight view about the artistic and organization development of operas, concerts etc, in a strong collaboration with international acclaimed artists; the interns will learn the Italian language by doing, in the collaboration they are surrounded by Italians. The interns are absolutely important for us, because they are helping in these thousand little things what are coming in the last moment; it was very good that Marguerite played also the violin, so she could help out in our chamber orchestra, where an instrument was missing.

The Cantiere is a very special festival, and absolutely not to compare with others: the fact, that nobody is paid, that everybody eats together two times a day, that no real departments dividing are existing, creates an atmosphere of solidarity and friendship. We are convinced that the Cantiere is perfect for interns.

Interview of: Detlev Glanert

Interviewer: Nick Palozzi

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