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ISTITUTO EUROPEO; Study abroad; multi-destination internship program, Consiglio Regionale della Toscana interview of CIO Carlo Cammelli.

This is the first interview of a series of presentations of companies we work with for the multi destination program.

Carlo Cammelli is the CIO of technology department at Consiglio Regionale della Toscana. His main mission is to create a parliament that is transparent and accessible to the people of Tuscany. In addition, he aspires to create public interest in the parliament by using new forms of technology to communicate from Consiglio to the society. These efforts will ensure a stronger truthful public image of the Parliament.

Q1: Can you explain the role of the Consiglio Regionale della Toscana?

A1: Consiglio Regionale della Toscana is the local parliament for all of Tuscany. There role is to make decisions that benefit the people and the region. There are three main buildings that make up this parliament, my building is the IT area were process information and supervise all equipment that run our local parliament.

Q2: How did you arrive to the Consiglio Regionale della Toscana?

A2: I started 15 years, in order to work with the Consiglio Regionale della Toscana, you have to take a test. This test is very competitive and only three people are chosen for interviews for a single position. I was chosen and later moved to my current position as CIO of CRT.

Q3: Can you describe your role in the parliament?

A3: My Role as CIO of CRT is to support the technological services to ensure that all goes well. My main Mission is to keep in touch with the people of Tuscany so that they can view CRT with transparency. In order to do so, I must choose what technology will be better and faster to support our mission.

Q4: What is the largest obstacle of your job?

A4: There are three main ways of communication in today’s world. First we have talking, writing and photography. These three ways to communicate have all switched from paper to digital. The main problem I have is convincing my people that our technology is a more efficient way to communicate with the people of Tuscany. In addition technology changes constantly therefore I have to be aware of new instruments and updated software to ensure the success of our mission.

Q5: What are your present and future goals for Consiglio Regionale di Toscana?

A5: we have two directions first is to understand what technology can offer to the success of our mission while always being updated on new technology. Secondly, to align our workers on the digital network and to about gain feedback how the technology we use is working and what suggestions our workers have to allow for a better network.

Q6: Do you believe that technology can enhance the relationship between citizens and politics?

A6: Technology is a service CRT uses this service to communicate with the people. My job is to make CRT accessible and transparent to the people of Tuscany because we want our people to be able to find the facts at the source. Many people use this service to display the good they have done this is an example of how technology is used in the wrong manner. I believe that technology is supposed to be used to hear the suggestions and concerns of the people. Using technology allows the parliament to become stronger not weaker by displaying transparency. Currently on our website there is a live video stream of the Consiglio when there in session. This allows the people to see and hear what is being discussed, who is fighting for what and hearing the true facts from the source. We have many computers and T.Vs displayed throughout the buildings focusing on our agenda.

Q7: Why have you decided to accept interns to work for the IT department? According to you what is the best contribution an intern can give your department?

A7: In our department technology and applications are important but are harmful if you don’t take care about how useful are for the people that use it. So some people that come from other backgrounds have experiences that allow them to view our mistakes and opportunities with fresh eyes. It is not important the amount of total experience one has or how long you are in the job, but a fresh and clean mind. For this reason we have accepted interns and for us this is a great opportunity, meanwhile it is also important that we have an open channel not only with students coming from study abroad programs but with Italian school/University: the project Alternanza Scuola Lavoro has been alive for 3 years now. We engage the interns on themes that are not marginal, because if you believe on this opportunity you cannot give a marginal chance: you take more from core themes. Our last 2 interns have worked on a new way to communicate from Consiglio to the society and about the content on monitor touch and on the design of Planet Galileo.

Interviewee: Carlo Cammelli
Interview by: Nick Palozzi

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