mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

ISTITUTO EUROPEO; Study abroad; multi-destination internship program, ALTREMANI Interview of Art Director Vega Donati.

Art Director Vega Donati.

Q: 1 What inspired you to create organic home furnishing?

A:1 What inspired me to create organic home furnishings was the vegetables themselves. I wanted to sustainably capture the beauty of their various shapes, colors, and textures within a home setting.

Q:2 Who is your largest consumer?

A:2 Generally we provide temporary structures for events such as, decorative screens, chairs, lighting and artistic pieces. In addition, we also supply private customers with home furnishings.

Organic art.
Q:3 What are your future goals for AltreMani?

A:3 One of my future goals for AltreMani is to introduce the AltreMani brand to other cities and establish similar workshops across Italy.

Q:4 Do you plan to sell worldwide?

A:4 Yes, we want to expand our market to other countries.

Q:5 Why have you decided to accept interns? According to you, what is the best contribution an intern has given your company?

A:5 I have decided to accept interns because I think it is important for AltreMani to be exposed to different cultures. Incorporating foreign interns into my workshop provides another dimension of diversity to our products; both physically and intellectually.

Interviewee: Vega Donati

Interviewer: Nick Palozzi

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