venerdì 1 luglio 2011

ISTITUTO EUROPEO; Study Abroad in Florence Italy, Jersey Shore hate them or love them.

As many of you know the overnight pop icons of the Jersey Shore crew, had recently filmed there 4th season in Florence Italy. In America there was much controversy whether the members of the Jersey Shore should be filming in Florence Italy, due to their wild and violent track record. In addition, many Italian government officials spoke out against allowing the Jersey Shore coming to Florence, for the simple fact there actions can portray Italy in a negative manner Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi said “that the cast members of the MTV program will not be allowed to be filmed drinking in public, or spending time in bars or clubs that serve alcohol, that the show should not depict Florence as a drinking town, and that it should emphasize the city’s history of culture and good food.” I say hate them or love them there not doing anything different than any other group of ragazzi (Guys and Girls).

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