mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

ISTITUTO EUROPEO; Study abroad; Multi-destination internship program, ALTREMANI internship interview of Rachel Tsolinas.

Q:1 Does this correlate with your major concentration?

A:1 My major concentration is in Psychology.

Q:2 What Are Your Tasks And Assignments at AltreMani?

A:2 My daily activities vary day to day. The first week I was there I translated AltreMani’s Blog from Italian to English. Lately, I have been helping in the workshop working on organic vegetable curtains. Public Relations interest me, therefore whenever there are meetings they allow me to sit.

Q:3 How is the communication barrier?

A:3 The communication barrier can be hard at times, but we make due. I feel as if my Italian has become stronger in the sense that I can understand more than I can speak. My coworkers are people from all over Italy, who speak with different dialects which makes communication difficult. They will explain things to me in Italian first, then what ever I don’t understand they will explain further and lastly if I can’t understand them at all they use someone who knows a little English and a dictionary.

Q:4 What was your largest accomplishment at your internship?

A:4 I would say that my largest accomplishment at my internship was to create curtains out of vegetables. This is a very challenging task because I have never done this before and there were a lot of experimentation before finding the solution.

Q:5 How would you rate your Internship experience?

A:5 I’m very satisfied with interacting with the employees and being submerged with the language. Although I really wanted an internship that dealt with public relations, however due to the time frame it was not possible. One cool thing that we’re working on at the shop is holding an exhibition with John Malkovich’s technobohemian. He is a guy that has an eye for peculiar things, and is interested in the works that we do. AltreMani was able to line up a meeting to connect for this exhibition.He owns a shop of art work made of recycled materials some of his art is functional and not functional. Alter Mani will be holding and exhibition on july 27th.

Interviewee: Rachel Tsolinas

Interviewer: Nick Palozzi

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