venerdì 16 dicembre 2011

Multi-Destination Internship Program: Melea Blanch's Experience with ISTITUTO EUROPEO: internship in fashion photography

I absolutely loved my internship. I learned a lot by working with Andrea and Lorenzo and even more by observing them. It was a little difficult with the language barrier until we got the hang of things, but I was eager to learn. There were never any problems with my internship and even though I was only able to take Italian 1, I enjoyed it. My teacher was helpful and it was a good atmosphere. Everyone was willing to help with anything I or any of the other students needed. At my internship I was treated well and was giving tasks to help me learn. I did the same work as the other assistant working there and felt equal. Thank you for all your help in organizing my internship. It was a great experience and worthwhile.

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