lunedì 12 marzo 2012

My Saturday in Siena

Siena, Tuscany, Italy - by Paulina

Such a beautiful city. It is very nice and in comparison to Florence quiet place. It is about 40 minutes walk from the train station to the centre. First you need to climb very high - which is not as hard as it sounds because there are automatic stairs. Then the path is going down straight into the heart of Siena.  Which is obviously Piazza del Campo where you can sit and enjoy the sun or if there is no sun - the views. Square itself might look flat but the truth is it is a bit oblique. There are lots of booths with chocolate which is in different shapes. There are even ones looking like iPhones! The buildings around are interesting as the architecture changes alternately. Mostly, there are restaurants and souvenir shops.There is also this high tower which I was scared to go on. I have seen the photos though - unbelievable. We turned into the first better alley and went around where shops could be found. We bought ice creams which were amazing and we found a very nice place. It was high for about two building floors. Down there was grass and some trees. Again the view was incredible. We spent about two hours in the city but it still made me want to go there again.

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