giovedì 15 marzo 2012

My weird impressions of Florence

By Paulina

Florence might be just as any other city if you first look at it, but going further you will notice everything and everyone seem to be busy at all the time. 

Starting with bad things it is not acceptable how Italians just ignore you when you come pass by. Especially when you are a foreign, they just seem to make us invisible. If talking about invisibility, I don't know how the signs or traffic lights work here but everyone ignores them too. No wonder you can hear at least one ambulance at the day. People in restaurants, pubs or clubs are usually polite. The only thing I struggle with is whether there is no rotund Italian woman at all? Haven't seen any so far. 

It amazed me. I would like to learn it now. I got to know some very basics but I will probably continue when I come back home. The only thing that scares me is how quick they can speak to each other and how sometimes you think they having really bad arguments whereas Italians just speak very loud.

The food is amazing but eating to much pasta everyday can become a bit boring. So it is very good idea to go out to a different place some day. Siena - best (and also very cheap) ice creams ever!

I have no idea how that happens but they just seem to disappear. It's like 'Oh this is only €5 and this only €3, and this €7' Bang! No money left in very short time.

I've been here only two weeks but what I have been doing few nights ago seems to me like I've been doing it ages ago. 

It makes me want to stay here. It is just perfect. Not too hot, not too warm. I just don't understand Italians wearing their winter clothes but probably in this case they look at foreigns in their summer clothes more suspiciously.

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