giovedì 16 gennaio 2014


by Louisa Loring

I first fell in love with Italy when I came here to work on an organic farm in 2010. I had wanted to learn the language ever since I was young and with a passion for environment health and safety, I also wanted to learn about sustainable ways to grow and cultivate organic produce. After having spent almost three months in Umbria while traveling around the whole of Italy, I knew this was what I wanted to concentrate my studies on in College.

While studying, I spent my junior year abroad in Florence with Smith College and after graduating in Italian Language and Literature, I decided that I wanted to come back and live in Italy. I was taken by the art and beauty the city and all it has to offer, from its food, to its pace of life to its diversity. I love the Italian culture and to speak Italian so I have moved back to find my path here. While studying various subjects such as sustainability, translation, art and education, I worked as a teacher’s assistant and as in world of fiber arts, which has lead me to pursue a career in helping to facilitate between children, art and learning.

In the meantime, I have been working and living between Florence and Camporsevoli since May 2013. I am currently working for the Istituto Europeo in Florence, researching and writing for their blog which has allowed me to see Florence through a different lens, as a writer and as a young women who wants to make others fall in love with Florence as much as I have by writing about what all the city has to offer while keeping up with Italian current events and news.


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