venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

ISTITUTO EUROPEO Bloggers: Olga Lenczewska

I come from Poland and am currently studying Philosophy and Italian at the University of Oxford in the UK. I will spend the next year in Italy as a year abroad which is compulsory for linguists at Oxford. My academic interests include the contemporary Italian literature, literary translation, aesthetics and epistemology. Outside of the academia I like to dance, play the flute, sing, and - above all - travel, documenting my adventures through the lens. When I go abroad - no matter for how long - I consider it not only a chance to see new places, but above all an opportunity to learn new ways of living, understand other cultural heritages, and become a wiser person. I am glad Istituto Europeo gave me the chance to write short articles on various literary, philosophical, and cultural aspects that interest me most, sharing them thus with the world.

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