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Marriages and Flowers in Tuscany: Interview with Tori, manager at Tuscany Flowers in Florence

Author: Gayane Simonyan

Tori is an American designer with degrees in Theatre and Interior Design. Currently she works at Tuscany Flowers in Florence - the company was founded in 1997. Her work background is rather diverse and non-traditional with experiences in performance, human resources and teaching as well as design. She finds these experiences serve to enrich her creative process as it gives her a broad perspective on her work. Location has also been a source of inspiration. She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, lived nine years in New York City and now has been living in Italy for nearly six years. All of these places have shaped her career and offered a unique perspective on life.

“As Tuscany Flowers is a boutique agency, each member of our team wears many hats. My primary role is to prepare presentations and proposals and plans for clients based on their personal tastes and preferences regarding the style of decorations they would like to have at their event. These kinds of documents may include collages of images and photographs, renderings or drawings of specific decorative elements and venues. I am also responsible for the company’s website”, said Tori.

-Where has the idea come from?

“Tuscany Flowers combines the expert talent of three exceptional florists and horticulturalists. Antonio Magi, Mari Therese Nielsen and Gianni Berni. They combined their talents to create a signature style that comes from their collective experiences from all over Europe and their love for the Tuscan landscape”.

-What kind of events is it generally organizing?

“We have a number of different types of events in our repertoire from small private celebrations to large extravagant weddings. We often find ourselves in some of the most exclusive locations in Tuscany and the world including Santa Croce Church, The Academia and The Louvre for example”.

-Except flowers what kind of decorations do you have?

“Our horticulture work goes beyond flowers with trees, bushes and large plants and branches. Our clients can choose from an expansive selection of vases, urns, and columns as well as gazebos. We also specialize in unique lighting solutions such as chandeliers, candelabras, and lanterns”.

-How many events/ weddings have you organized so far?

“I’m still quite new to the company, and I spent the first couple of months fine tuning our marketing materials. To date, I’d say I’ve been involved in the proposals of about 10 events and the list is growing steadily”.

-What is the approximate cost of a middle-class wedding/event?

“As a luxury agency, all of our designs are couture, so the cost varies a great deal from event to event depending on the size, season, flowers and materials chosen as well as the nature of the design”.

-How long does it take to get prepared for a ceremony?

“The preparation for an event can range from a month or two up to a year depending on the clients planning needs and size of the event”.

-An interesting story/ event that happened during the preparations or ceremonies that is on top of your mind and you would like to share.

“One thing that impressed me when I began working here was the effect of the large floral arrangements when you see them being constructed for an event. It’s quite different than seeing a photograph. In person you can see every detail and every layer. The arrangements are full of little surprises. You can also smell the flowers, which makes the designs appeal to multiple senses to create an environment that does so much more than a photograph can portray. It’s a beautiful experience to see the work come to life. I’m really enjoying it,” Tori summed up.

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