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Istituto Europeo offers internship opportunities for students - Florence, Italy


Istituto Europeo offers internship opportunities for students in Florence, Italy. Currently, we are looking for interns in the fields of Marketing, Journalism, Digital Public Relations, and Video Making. Interns who come to Istituto Europeo will be given responsibilities related to their field and expected to work with us as well as assert some level of independence in their work. This is a great opportunity for university students who want to complete an internship somewhere exciting and vibrant.
If students are interested in applying for an internship, they can contact Istituto Europeo at or find more information on our website,

Internship job descriptions


The marketing Intern will be responsible for assisting Istituto Europeo in the development and implementation of its marketing, business development, and public relations plans. This will be accomplished through developing, maintaining and expanding marketing channels/methodologies in internet


Istituto Europeo is currently looking for Journalism/Communication/Writing interns who are interested in writing for Istituto Europeo's blogs.

Intern duties could include, but are not limited to:

- Covering local (Florentine) events (i.e. festivals, sport performances, grand openings, exhibits, 
- Writing feature articles about history of Florence, shops , bookstores , coffee shops in Florence
- Taking picture for our columns and social media
- Assisting in translations

Digital Public Relations

- Skills and requirements of a Digital PR intern:
- Must be a confident communicator
- Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
- Have a full understanding of media needs and media relationships
- Be proactive, reliable, responsible and accurate with an attention to detail
- Possess the ability to keep information confidential
- Tactical understanding of all primary social media platforms
- A wide degree of creativity
- Self motivated


Digital PR interns are tasked with fielding social media contents and writing email marketing contents, develop advertising and marketing communications to gain space in internet. PR digital intern will also release information to counter online negative publicity

Video Making Roles & Responsibilities

The Video Production intern will create videos (and pieces for the stories) for web contents and promotional purposes, set up and manage YouTube account for Istituto Europeo.

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