giovedì 20 giugno 2013

The “Milkshake Kiosk” in Florence

written by Ilaria Gelichi

For more than 30 years, near Lungarni and Piazza Beccaria, has existed a place where the young (and not so young) love to stop in hot summer evenings. It is called the “milkshake kiosk” and although being situated in a busy avenue, it’s not well-known, especially by tourists.
If you are going for a walk in the evening in San Niccolò neighbourhood and want a fresh snack after dinner, just cross the river Arno on San Niccolò bridge and head to Viale Amendola. After a few steps you will see on the right a small kiosk, normally well lit, with two very nice attendants – a man and a woman – ready to take your order. The specialty is obviously the milkshake: you can choose between a lot of fruit flavours, and of course chocolate. If you do not like milkshakes, you can ask a simple fruit smoothie. The milkshake is the classic one, made with milk and ice crushed at the moment, absolutely yummy and soft. It is also possible order something to eat if you are hungry (sandwichs, hamburgers…); prices are fair.

Where to find it: Viale Amendola (near Lungarno del Tempio), Florence
Times: from 6pm to 2am (more or less)

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