martedì 11 giugno 2013

DOGALI – A tasty aperitif

written by Ilaria Gelichi

It’s nearly 7 pm, time for an aperitif. My friends and I often choose Dogali, a restaurant-café in the Campo di Marte-Stadium area, in Florence. Of course I do not mean the “classic” aperitif, that is a glass of wine, chips and appetizers… At Dogali’s you definitely eat!

Some history: Dogali exists since 1914, when the grandfather of the present owner founded it. Since then Dogali’s success increased and it has become really appreciated by young people, who choose it for lunches, snacks and aperitifs.

Just order something to drink (a glass of wine, a Spritz, a soft drink…) and sit. Especially during the weekend I suggest you to book a table, otherwise finding one it will be very difficult. You can serve yourself at the counter, you will find crostini, focaccia (flat bread with salt and olive oil), appetizers and 2-3 different kinds of pasta. But that’s not all: some nice guys will come to the tables and offer you pastas, risottos and – especially – the well-known delicious Dogali’s coccoli with ham (coccoli are made with fried dough). It not really an aperitif, but a dinner! And the price? The cost of the drink, which is 7-8 euros. It is open for lunch and it is also possible to book a table for dinner. Highly recommended!

Address: Viale Malta, 5r – Florence, Italy
Info & booking: (+39)055 679556 –

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