lunedì 21 marzo 2011

In Florence has started the MIDDLE EAST NOW FILM FESTIVAL!!


FILM MIDDLE EAST NOW is an international film and documentary event on the culture and society of Middle Eastern countries. 
5 days of screenings for both the inhabitants of Florence and an international audience, showing the most recent work of young but well-known international award-winning directors from the Middle Eastern Countries. The programme has been devised to showcase films that would not normally be distributed in Italian cinemas, and aims to bring the filmmakers to Italy so that the Italian public can meet them and discuss their films. 
The beautiful film documentary on Skateistan, the NGO which teaches to Afghan children to go on skateboard, promoting education and peace; the moving documentary The Green Wave, on the Iranian movement after the 2009 elections; the tribute to the Iranian director Jafar Panahi; a series of episodes of Arab Labor, the popular sit-com which has got a lot of success in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories. These are some of the contents of this edition of Film Middle East Now, taking place from 18 to 22 March 2011 at the Cinema Odeon and at the Auditorium Stensen in Florence. 30 films on the programme, 25 of which are Italian Premieres, among features films, documentaries and shorts from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Kurdistan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.                                                     

OTHER EVENTS, DEBATES AND CHAT SHOWS. The programme was supplemented by a series of cultural events, encounters with the directors, talk shows hosting people related to Middle Eastern, to sustain debate and involve attendees in the festival themes, as well as aperitifs and themed tastings.

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