venerdì 6 maggio 2011

Florence Blue Night 2011!!

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After Florence White Night, Florence Blue Night 2011. Blue Night (Notte Blu) is a special night dedicated to celebrate the annual Europe Day its traditions, as well as cultures and differences.

There will be many events from 3 pm Saturday, May 8 to 6 pm Sunday, May 9.

Events will occur throughout a 27 hour period, scattered all over Florence. From Palazzo Vecchio to Badia Fiesolana, from the Oblate Library to Caffè Sant’Ambrogio, from Santa Trinita Church to Russian Orthodox Churc…more than 24 hours of concerts, dances, performances in the streets and squares of Florence, but also in stores, libraries, restaurants (special European menus, for this night!) and cinemas in the city center and in its surroundings.
Most performances will be for free. Some others will be on payment.
For information (Blue Night official website)

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