lunedì 16 maggio 2011

STUDY ABROAD ISTITUTO EUROPEO Nicholas Signoriello Specials from Florence: The Scudetto Race is Over

The Scudetto Race is Over
by Nick Signoriello

AC Milan mathematically clinched the Italian Serie A Scudetto this past weekend with a 0-0 tie against Roma, ending the 5 year winning streak of their rivals, Internazionale (Inter). Even more interestingly, Palermo beat AC Milan in the second leg of the Coppa Italia this week to move on to the finals and play against Inter. Aside from the fact that a struggling Palermo side beat the newly announced champions of Serie A, this puts Fiorentina’s arch rival, Juventus, in a very bad situation.
Since this is Italy, where everything always seems to be more complicated compared to the smoothly run professional sports in America, a technicality may knock Juventus out of Europe. Normally, if you finish in the top seven spots in Serie A, you qualify for Europe. But the Coppa Italia winner also gets a spot in Europe. In most cases, Coppa Italia finalists are in the top seven spots but Palermo is not this year. Since Internazionale has already secured a champions league spot in Europe for finishing in third place, the Coppa Italia spot automatically gets passed to Palermo just for being a finalist. This is extremely problematic for Juventus who are currently in seventh place in Serie A because now only the top six will qualify for Europe.
Juventus is a major Italian club striving to become one of the best in Europe again but if they don’t qualify for Europe, it is going to be very difficult to persuade major players to come to the club in the summer.
As for Fiorentina, they are trailing nearly 10 points behind the other teams fighting for spots in Europe and unfortunately, should just start looking forward to doing better next season. On an ending note, Napoli needs just one point in their last 2 games to secure a spot in the Champions League for the first time in decades after going bankrupt and spending several years in the lowest divisions and fighting their way back up to the top.

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