lunedì 16 maggio 2011

STUDY ABROAD ISTITUTO EUROPEO Nicholas Signoriello Specials from Florence: Jersey Shore in Florence

Jersey Shore Florence

The Jersey Shore arrived in Florence on May 9 and there have been a lot of different reactions to their presence here.
My question is: “Why Florence?” I am under the impression that these “Italian” fist bumping guidos’ idea of a good time is drinking, dancing, and “smooshing.” Sure, maybe with all the American study abroad students here it wouldn’t be a bad place to engage in these activities; however, the Jersey Shore cast isn’t actually allowed to drink alcohol in public places on camera.
Ok then, maybe they came to Florence to be enlightened by the beautiful art and monuments that are the essence of the city. The only catch is that they are not allowed to be seen in front of any of Florence’s monuments also, which is almost the entire city. Therefore, I can’t imagine what they are actually going to do here given these restrictions.
There are many places throughout Italy that I can at least picture the crew drinking and having a good time, but I believe that Florence was a interesting choice. I guess we will see when the episodes come out and until then, the many college students around Florence will be on a constant search to meet them. Although, if these students would like to be on TV, then they would need to sign a contract that has been condemned by nearly every study abroad program in the city. Only time will tell what experience the Jersey Shore are taking from this beautiful city.

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