giovedì 20 gennaio 2011

An Italian Company a day: H-Farm "The StartUp village"

H-Farm "The StartUp village"

Who we are
Founded in Italy in 2005, by Riccardo Donadon, H-Farm is an international platform, a unique organization redefining the role of venture capital and incubator.
Our culture is about Humanity. Simplicity. Collaboration. Creativity. Rationality. Passion. Curiosity. Innovation. These words express the mind of H-People.
It's not about the identity of a single company but rather a shared culture, a framework to innovative start-ups to grow and flourish.
H-Farm developed 3 epicentres - Italy, Seattle, Mumbai - 3 market areas, 3 different cultures that work responding to specific market demands, to enable the business at international level.
H-Farm is the next generation incubator.
What we do
H-Farm provides unique support to start-ups, from capital resources to a full range of of services and logistics to enable rapid growth. We invest in selected ideas, providing capital support from the seed throughout the early stage. Incubator services include office space and facilities and support for marketing, financial advice, human resources, legal, accounting and business development. Most importantly, H-Farm provides advice on strategy, branding and corporate structure.
Since its founding, all of H-Farm's start-ups have become innovative companies and several have already had successful exits.
What we look for
H-Farm explores the frontiers of the internet in search of dynamic business models and new forms of communication.
We look for people passionate about the internet, the innovators who are shaping tomorrow's world.
We look for new ideas that truly innovate and simplify technology.

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  1. H Farm is a company that believes in young people and in their enthousiam. H Farm is ready to bet on young Italians because H Farm believes that innovation and creativity is well rooted in the Italian genius.