venerdì 14 gennaio 2011

An Italian company a day keeps the crisis away: today TOO LATE!!

The brand was founded in 2007, following the intuition of the young Italian entrepreneur Ale Fogazzi, who discovered the now-famous silicon watch at the MOMA Store in NY.
Alessandro obtained the International distribution rights of the product and created the brand which today is interpreting the Italian flavor world-wide by turning the minimalistic watch into a must have item.
With more than 2 millions watches sold during the last 3 years, Too Late is widening its collections, creating products from scratch but sticking with its winning philosophy: high-end, detail-oriented, affordable items.
One of the undeniable point of strength of Too Late is the ability to observe and to interpret its audience needs and feelings.
Watching things through the “man-in-the-street” eye is the tool adopted by Too Late to analyze the trends and the markets, out of the schemes established by the so-called “experts”.
Every jewelry, design-store, concept-store – you name it – propose Too Late to its customers with enthusiasm and emphasis thanks to the fact that the operators of the fashion system now share the looking-forward approach of the brand.
Lots of cheap imitations flourish every day to take advantage of the disruption brought in the market by Too Late, but the Italian brand don’t suffer the competition.
Hedonistic, irreverent, high-powered and fast, Too Late looks forward to new challenges with the renewed energy which defines it.

It's always TOO LATE

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