lunedì 29 novembre 2010



Florence is much more than the home of some of the greatest works of art in the world, the capital of luxury shopping and services for the international tourist trade. Industry is actually the driving force behind the local economy, accounting for 27% as opposed to 7.5% for tourism. The development of local economic systems, or districts, of international importance such as those operating in the Textile-Apparel and Footwear sectors, as well as the consolidation of production chains for the interior decoration and wine-food sectors, and the presence in the area of some of the leading companies in the field of machinery, in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, have made it one of the most interesting industrial locations in the world.

A vast network of small and medium enterprises (over 105,000) with their characteristics of dynamism and flexibility, integrated with larger companies, makes up the foundation of the local economy. Commerce and industry together represent almost 50% of the entire entrepreneurial sector, with a much higher share in the economy than the national average (13.2%); the industries related to chemicals and plastic products account for 13.2% of the added value of the province, while mechanical industries contribute for a share of 22.7%.


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