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Florence Bookstores: The Edison (


 The Edison 
Piazza della Repubblica 27/r Tel: 055/213110

Books: A reasonable amount of Italian books; a few English books, but most of them are the current bestsellers; unfortunately there is only a small selection of Spanish and French books offered. (7)

Clerks: Almost invisible. They try to stay out of the customers way, but if approached they will do their best to help. (6)

Service: Good. (7.5)

Atmosphere: The Edison was one of the first bookstores in Florence to open a café area for customers to sit, read, and order food and drinks. The original idea created a welcoming and peaceful environment. Unfortunately, now that there are other companies offering the same idea The Edison should consider some modifications. In comparison to other bookstores they no longer stand out. (7)

Comfort: Of all the bookstores in Florence, the Edison is the most comfortable. (7)

Bar: Nothing special, just your standard everyday products offered at a bar. (8)

Grading Scale: 0-10

0-2: Very poor
2-5: Poor
6-7: Average
8-9: Good
10: Excellent

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