martedì 8 febbraio 2011

Florence Bookstores: Melbookstore Books (

Melbookstore Books
What they have to offer, and what they do not.


Books: Very little variety and minimal stock displayed (6)

Clerks: Stressed. It seemed as though they were given too many tasks with minimal direction. (6)

Service: Poor (5)

Management Staff: Nothing special. (5)

Environment: Beautiful and appealing. (8)

Comfort: Mediocre. (5)

Bar: This is ridiculous; they expect customers to place an order, quickly consume it, and then either place another order or immediately leave so another customer can take your table. There is no time for the customer to just sit and enjoy (for example) a hot cup of coffee with their newly purchased book. Why don't they just add more tables, or a larger sitting area? The customer service is very poor. (4)

Grading Scale: 0-10

0-2: Very poor
2-5: Poor
6-7: Average
8-9: Good
10: Excellent

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