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 ISTITUTO EUROPEO was born in 1988.  It started out as a classical school for Italian, Art, and Music. At the time, the European market was active which gave ISTITUTO EUROPEO the opportunity to establish themselves as a school for foreign students in Florence.
In 2005, the traditional market began to change.  In 2008, ISTITUTO EUROPEO experienced a decline in business which sparked the incentive to rethink their product as well as their marketing strategies. By the end of 2008, ISTITUTO EUROPEO introduced an internship program. Although this improved business, it also proposed a challenge; ISTITUTO EUROPEO had to now network with numerous Tuscan businesses in order to receive approval for foreign interns to work within those companies. Unexpectedly, the program attracted a new group of students with diverse interests and goals.  
Globally successful businesses are usually run by large corporations, but in Tuscany many businesses are still family owned and operated, yet still are globally successful. The different business styles and methods practiced by Italian companies sparked interests among foreign interns, students, and universities. ISTITUTO EUROPEO had expanded their product, and now students had the opportunity to learn their desired field of study in a new culture and society.  Overall in 2008, ISTITUTO EUROPEO was able to adapt traditional methods to the new international market in order to attract more students all around the world.  
In order  to keep global curiosity and interest, new ideas and strategies continued.  ISTITUTO EUROPEO realized they needed to become more flexible in adapting its traditional structure to the new international market.  ISTITUTO EUROPEO positioned themselves as a “glocal” business. By marketing as a traditional (made in Italy)  product, yet still establishing enough strength and credibility in order to stand out amongst global competitors, ISTITUTO EUROPEO was able to maintain its original identity on a global level. 
Currently consumers are looking for programs, that offer original content, affordable prices, and most recently, a life experience in a short period of time. With these demands in mind, ISTITUTO EUROPEO started a sequence of new short programs (Economics, Marketing, Sports Medicine, and Physiotherapy). Consumers wanted to experience a new culture, but still stay on their original educational path; therefore the intern experience would give students the opportunity to distinguish themselves from competitors.
ISTITUTO EUROPEO was one of the first schools in Florence to adapt to the demands of today’s global economy.  Tradition, reliability, flexibility, rapidity and affordable costs all describe the integrity behind ISTITUTO EUROPEO’s brand.

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  1. ISTITUTO EUROPEO was one of the first schools in Florence to adapt to the demands of today’s global economy