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Florence Bookstores: Feltrinelli International (


Feltrinelli International 
 (Via Cavour 12)
 Books: A large supply of language unit books; the best are in Spanish, French, and German. The English language books are alright, but not as good as the three languages previously mentioned. (8)

Clerks: Although the staff seems as though they are under high levels of stress, the store clerks always make an effort to be kind and available if approached. (8)

Service: Great. (8)

Management Staff: Miserable, and not approachable. (6)

Atmosphere: Small and simple, but cramped and not comfortable (6)

Bar: The Feltrinelli (not only International) main goal is to sell their products quickly and efficiently. They have no desire to establish a relationship with their customers; therefore there is no bar area to sit, read, and enjoy a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, their main concern is to display as many books as possible for the customer to find on their own.  Their way of business is similar to your everyday supermarket; come, shop, pay, leave. The longer a customer stays, the more of an “inconvenience” it is for the store.

Grading Scale: 0-10

0-2: Very poor
2-5: Poor
6-7: Average
8-9: Good
10: Excellent

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