martedì 15 febbraio 2011

Tuscany wants to jumpstart a recovery!

Tuscany wants to jumpstart a recovery!

According  to Riccardo Cerza, segretario generale della Cisl, Tuscany has made the minimal growth of less than 1% of the GDP due to the out-of-date economic model is not enough to jumpstart a recovery. Growth is unacceptably slow as the ancient Tuscan model spitefully drags it’s feet as the Tuscan people and businesses try to pull the economy back up and to a sufficient level. Quickly adapting to a changing world is difficult but mandatory. It is comforting that Cerza recognizes the importance of time and immediate action. As the world enters the digital age, internet is needed for any province that wants to stay competitive as it is now an important component of a modern infrastructure.
For example, a lack of marketing and involvement in global markets demanding quality goods from Tuscany has worked against the recovery efforts. By using the internet, small businesses can inexpensively market their goods or services. As the Tuscan region becomes more attractive to big business, it must be kept in mind that oversaturation of large corporations can smother tourism as Tuscany’s image modernizes. Considering the large contribution of tourism to the regions economy, the attractive Italian culture must be preserved to contribute to the growth.

By Michael Socoloski 

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